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Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund

Date Posted:04/06/2020

Milton Keynes Council has been given £1.97m to fund a local scheme to provide support to small businesses which have high fixed property related costs, but were not eligible for two previous rounds of funding (namely, Small Business Grant Fund or Extended Retail Relief Grant Fund.) .

The Government has provided guidance on the delivery of the new local discretionary fund, and the latest version can be found here.

Given the limited funding available to support this scheme the Council has had to undertake careful consideration of the delivery of this funding to ensure that it is available to those businesses most in need of help as a result of the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Applications will only be accepted between 3 June 2020 and 14 June 2020 and in applying you will need to provide evidence of the financial impact of COVID-19 and demonstrate fixed building-related costs.

For more information and how to apply go to: