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360 Play celebrate children's special milestones

Date Posted:08/07/2015

360 Play Milton KeynesThere’s a first time for everything and nowhere is this more true for children than at 360 Play Milton Keynes at Knowlhill, where opportunities for toddlers’ ‘firsts’ and young children’s milestone events abound.

It’s always an exciting time when a child does something or achieves something for the first time – the first time they ride a bike on their own, their first time on a trampoline, their first sporting success and many more – and there are lots of opportunities for toddlers’ ‘firsts’ and young children’s milestones at 360 Play to help youngsters and their families create some wonderful memories.

Recently one little boy was allowed to ride the dodgems for the first time on his own, and he spent most of his play session driving round and round the dodgem track to his heart’s content. Another young lady plucked up the courage to climb to the very top of the climbing wall in the Club 360 outdoor play area, with the help of a great staff member, while several of our youngest visitors have been trying out the dedicated toddler area for their very first taste of playing in a play centre.

We’ve also had children enjoying the carousel ride for the first time, sliding down the giant slide on their own for the first time and having their face painted for the very first time – all great fun, new experiences to be savoured by both the youngsters and, of course, their parents who never tire of seeing the joy created by such wonderful opportunities.

360 Play is a fantastic place for families to enjoy a great time together and to create some special children’s milestone memories – especially if it’s a first time visit! Everything is designed so that adults can join their children in all the different activities, providing the ideal opportunity for them to encourage the youngsters to try new experiences, which of course also help towards a child’s development.
With the chance to take part in and enjoy what for many will be all sorts of new experiences, both inside and out, 360 Play has lots to offer and with no time limits, free parking right outside and a safe and secure environment, it’s the perfect place to go for families with young children – to create some toddler ‘firsts’ and young children’s milestones!

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