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Bletchley Park Cluedo edition released in time for Xmas

Date Posted:18/11/2015

Bletchley Park CluedoThe body of intelligence officer, John Blackcross, has been discovered on the muddy banks of Bletchley Park’s lake. The murderer has been narrowed down to six suspects, all of whom had the means and the motive to commit this foul deed.
This is the premise behind Cluedo: Bletchley Park, which will be released at the end of November; in perfect time for Christmas shopping. Players must use their detective skills to work out which suspect took the murder weapon in their hand and cut short the spy’s life. Each suspect is fictitious but the names are based on people who really worked at Bletchley Park during World War Two, including Gordon Welchman, focus of the new exhibition, Gordon Welchman: Bletchley Park's Architect of Ultra Intelligence, who features as Gordon Green. Also under suspicion is Dilly Plum (Codebreaker Dilly Knox) and other individuals who helped the Allies to shorten the war by cracking the enemy’s secret messages.
Following the classic Cluedo formula, players must work out where the horrendous crime happened. Did Blackcross lose his life in Block C or the Mansion Ballroom, or perhaps it was in Hut 11, home of the Bombe machines? Several different weapons were on hand to the person with these dark intentions; an Enigma machine, a motorbike and a typewriter are just some of the items that would have been more than enough to stop the spy for all time.
Anyone with an interest in Bletchley Park will love this new take on the much-loved family board game. It will be on sale in the gift shop and in the online shop from the end of November. Costing £29.99, the game will make the perfect Christmas present. To reserve your Cluedo: Bletchley Park, email