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Celebrating science at Airkix

Date Posted:13/03/2015

Airkix Milton KeynesThree in ten (31 per cent) of children in the South East enjoy the school subject of Science more than Art, PE or English, according to research carried out by Airkix Indoor Skydiving. However, young people can lose this passion as they grow up, with a reported shortfall of 55,000 scientists and engineers in the UK every year[2]. With studies[3] showing that young people struggle to link science to everyday life, letting them experience science first hand outside the classroom may be an ideal way of harnessing the natural curiosity and enthusiasm for science and encourage them to continue. As Science Week approaches (13th - 20th March), Airkix is tackling the issue head on by bringing science to life through its Wind Workshops.

According to OFSTED[4], taking science beyond the classroom, into places and situations children don’t traditionally associate with science will help to build greater understanding of the relevance of the subject to everyday, contemporary life.  Could combining the thrill of indoor skydiving with the theoretical nature of science help children to engage more with subjects such as physics?

Airkix certainly thinks so. It has created Wind Workshops to bring the two worlds together, providing primary school children with the opportunity to experience the subject in a practical, hands-on way, enhancing their understanding and passion. The workshops explain the basic principles of science before setting fun and practical, wind-based challenges. The children then have the opportunity to be top of the class (literally!), with two unforgettable flights in the wind tunnel which bring the theory to life and above all, show how straightforward and fun physics can be.

“Science and technology are such vital, everyday parts of our lives, yet many children are failing to connect with the subjects at school. We need to do more to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future,” comments Simon Ward, CEO at Airkix. “Perhaps unsurprisingly the vast majority of respondents in our study felt a more hands on approach to science is the way forwards, which is exactly what our Wind Workshops aim to do.”

A primary school teacher from Manchester says “The workshop brought science to life in an exciting way and was easy for the children to relate to. It was a great way of explaining what was actually happening in the wind tunnel. The whole session was well designed and well executed, very safe and a thrilling experience.”

Airkix’s Wind Workshops run throughout the year and will be offered at just £15 per pupil throughout March to celebrate Science Week.