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Eddie Izzard Ignites EU Referendum Debate at MK College

Date Posted:17/06/2016

Eddie Izzard Milton KeynesMilton Keynes College welcomed actor, comedian and marathon runner Eddie Izzard to its Bletchley Campus today in the build-up to the UK’s referendum on membership to the European Union, which takes place on Thursday 23rd June.

Eddie’s visit to MK College was part of a series of events which sees him visiting 31 colleges and universities in as many days, encouraging young people to engage in the debate over EU membership and, ultimately, cast their vote.

While visiting the College’s Bletchley campus, Eddie also shared a number of inspirational anecdotes from his highly varied career, including how he has handled criticism over his appearance.

With the EU referendum splitting opinion in the UK, the drive to encourage voting among young people is more important than ever, with the future of the country at stake.

As part of his talk, Eddie outlined some of the key considerations for young people to be aware of in making their decision in regards to EU membership, including travel, the economy and the continuation of pan-European peace.

After completing his speech, Eddie fielded questions from the College’s Principal and CEO, Dr Julie Mills, with topics including the inspiration behind his recent fund-raising challenge to run 27 marathons in 27 days.

And with a number of students joining in the debate to ask some probing questions, the atmosphere of the whole event was engaging and enthusiastic, something that Eddie enjoyed and encouraged. He said: “Today was great, young people putting in questions, difficult questions that they’d thought about beforehand.

“It was great to be here and great to have young people engaging in politics and getting involved in the referendum.

“People fought and died for the right to vote so I’m glad that young people are thinking about it. I say that we have to have a fair world where everyone has a fair chance – we need to stand and fight to keep putting hope into the world.”

MK College Principal Julie Mills echoed Eddie’s sentiments, expressing her delight at welcoming him to the campus. She said: “It was brilliant to see so many students taking part in the debate and showing their passion on either side of the argument – I’m sure they will be just as probing when they hear from a campaigner on the ‘Leave’ side before the vote.

“For the College to be able to welcome such a well-known and recognisable character as Eddie Izzard can only help to inspire our learners and encourage them to think seriously about their own views on what they believe is important for their futures.

“Hopefully they will all have learned a bit more about the EU referendum and how the UK’s membership, one way or the other, could affect them.”
After completing the question-and-answer session, Eddie stayed at the College for a long line of selfies, with many of the audience keen to capture the moment and speak to him in person.

The EU referendum takes place in the UK on Thursday 23rd June for anyone who has registered to vote in advance.