Ensoft donates £50,000 to TNMOC

Date Posted:16/07/2015

TMNOCEnsoft, software developer for the Internet and large networks, has donated £50,000 to The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC). The donation will be used to assist in the Museum’s development and specifically to create emulators to enable students on its Learning Programme to experience running the Museum’s working 1950’s machines even after their visit.

Impressed by seeing so many early machines still in action at TNMOC today, Ensoft is keen that as many people as possible can benefit from the experience of coding an early generation computer. Part of the new donation will be used to create and develop emulators that students on the TNMOC Learning Programme can use after their visit.

John Cooper, Ensoft’s Chairman, explained why his company has made the donation: “There’s a great deal of excitement in the technology industry in Britain, and it’s critical to inspire young people to thrive confidently in the digital future. The National Museum of Computing’s unparalleled resource of working machines communicates uniquely how pivotal the UK has been in the evolution of computing so far, and helps to motivate the next generation to create the future boldly. Indeed, our own employees have gained great inspiration from visiting, and we would encourage every technology company to visit and support the development of TNMOC.”

Chris Monk, TNMOC Learning Co-ordinator, said: “Our volunteer engineers at TNMOC do outstanding work in bringing historic machines back into action and students get a real buzz when they get a chance to explore them. We’ve often thought about creating emulators to let them experience coding machines after their visits and this funding will help in these developments.

“The ability to perform low-level programming is now a part of the National Curriculum, so we know that programming computers from the 1950s, when computer languages were just emerging, will be very popular with our visiting schools.”

Tim Reynolds, Chairman of TNMOC, said: “Recognition of TNMOC’s achievements by a company as dynamic as Ensoft is a great boost to our work and underlines the educational value of computing history to inspire future generations of computer scientists and engineers.”

Ensoft is a small UK company that writes software that connects with world. Its 60 engineers specialise in developing all aspects of networking software. Ensoft-developed technology is a critical part of many of the largest routers that make up the Internet. www.ensoft.co.uk/