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Horses to provide a completely new way to engage staff in Milton Keynes

Date Posted:07/08/2018

The Ride High Equestrian Centre is putting a new spin on traditional team building and employee engagement activities with the launch of its corporate programmes, a first for Milton Keynes as horses are used to provide unique insights into behaviours and management styles.

Set in 37 acres of countryside in Loughton, in the heart of Milton Keynes, the centre will be introducing three new training and wellbeing programmes for companies; Leadership and Team Dynamics, Wellbeing and Engagement, and CSR Days with meeting facilities.

The programmes aim to help businesses and employees improve leadership skills, get teams working together, increase employee engagement and wellbeing, and offer opportunities for important CSR projects at the centre.

These expert led activities are based around the principles of Equine Assisted Learning. This innovative and impactful way of learning has been proven over 16 years, with the use of horses providing uniquely memorable experiences and creating a lasting impact. During the programmes staff will explore team dynamics, increase self-awareness and understand the power and impact of non-verbal communication. Persuading a horse to follow someone with no rope or rein provides powerful insights into different communication methods and styles, insight which can be taken back into the working environment.

Bankie Williams, Chairman of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, was one of the first to try the new programmes. He said: “The interaction of horse and business leader was a real eye opener, creating insights and some profound challenges to conventional wisdoms and paradigms about the nature, art and science of leadership”.

Joanna Fay, Managing Director of the Ride High Equestrian Centre, said: “Horses are highly sensitive, intuitive creatures. They provide immediate, unique and compelling insights into the ways we behave and how this affects others. We can provide courses tailor-made for each business, combining experiential learning with horses alongside lecture room workshops to create action plans which staff can then take back into the business.”

The corporate services programmes can be booked any time throughout the year, with pre-designed and bespoke options available. Enquiries can be made at the Ride High Equestrian Centre Reception or by email to

For more details and prices, visit