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Hot Yoga open day at The Hub

Date Posted:12/05/2014

Sweat Studios inThe HubSweat Studios offers its members exactly that: yoga that gives you a great workout, without the complications. Sweat, which recently opened in The Hub, has already seen over 2,000 people through its doors and is aiming to promote yoga as an excellent exercise choice, while challenging preconceptions at the same time.

The studio is holding an Open Day on Saturday 17 May where you can try free classes (three throughout the day), visit the pop-up Onzie hot yoga clothing shop, meet the team and take a look around the state-of-the-art studios. “There are plenty of stereotypes about what yoga is, the kind of person you need to be in order to do it and, in particular, how flexible you have to be,” says Sweat director Kirsty Lowe, “but it ought to be open to everyone, regardless of your skill levels, flexibility or lifestyle. It is a total body workout, great fun and very good for you.”

Among the classes offered at Sweat are hot yoga, which is great for burning calories, increasing strength, flexibility and balance and developing muscle tone; stretching classes, to improve flexibility and keep your body supple; and flow classes good for developing upper body strength and providing an opportunity to try a variety of postures. There will also be pre-natal classes available in the coming months. Classes are available seven days a week, from 7am to 8:30pm.  There is a range of membership options available, from pay-as-you-go to pre-paid minutes that can be used for any class during a three month span, to full annual membership, for those looking to take several classes each week. For those keen to go to the Studio during weekdays only, there is also a very favourable off-peak pricing.

Sweat Studios boasts a team of experienced yoga teachers, who can give individual guidance and support all levels of experience. Sweat offers state of the art facilities with classes taking place in bold, brightly coloured studios, luxury changing rooms complete with large individual shower cubicles, personal lockers and hairdryers.

By removing the aspects of yoga that can put people off, Sweat hopes to introduce many more people to it, Kirsty says, “Everyone can benefit from yoga, it is a perfect antidote to the lives we lead today; the downsides of sedentary lifestyles, spending hours hunched over desks, rushing about from place to place and finding it hard to find a moment for ourselves can all be countered by yoga. It really is a real workout for real life”

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