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Latest US sports craze Bounces into Milton Keynes

Date Posted:01/04/2014

Bounce in Milton KeynesIndoor trampolining, the latest sports craze which has taken America by storm is coming to Milton Keynes.  Bounce GB will provide a new form of family entertainment never seen in Britain before which is a world away from traditional trampolining as we know it in this country.  

“Indoor trampoline is a concept that began in the States less than eight years ago and already there are a hundred and forty-four parks operating throughout the US with a further thirty opening around the world this year alone,” says Bounce GB Managing Director, Gary Knill.  “It started as a dry weather practice venue for extreme sports like snowboarding but now parks include Dodgeball and somersault pits and the kids just love it.”

Such is the popularity of the new sport that online there are over 1,500,000 videos promoting and celebrating trampoline parks.  The sprung surfaces cover floor and walls without any of those slightly worrying gaps between the springs normally associated with more traditional equipment.  “The trampolines are two metres by two metres,” Gary says, “and covered with a special honeycombed matting to protect the people bouncing.  The surfaces cover the floors and go six feet up the walls so children can bounce in all directions while having great fun.” 

Bounce GB will have eighty-two separate trampolines in twenty-one thousand square feet of floor space and the new park is also bringing forty-five new jobs to the city.  Mr Knill has successfully operated sports and fitness clubs all over the world in a career spanning thirty years.  He says he looked long and hard around the country before deciding that Milton Keynes was the ideal spot for his new venture.  “Everyone knows that Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK but over the next five years it will also have the second largest proportion of younger school age children of anywhere in the country and this sport is especially popular with the five to twelve age group.”

The park will open on Peverel Drive a stone’s throw from Stadium MK which Gary believes will be an ideal location for the venture.  He says indoor trampolining is not just about having fun but can be a serious aid to fitness.  “It’s been shown that exercise taken while trampolining is three times more effective than on a hard surface.  With all the fears about childhood obesity we very much hope parents will see the enormous potential health benefits of getting their children involved.”

Bounce GB aims to have regular clients of all ages but the company particularly expects to be a top venue for children’s parties and for entertainment during school holidays.  The venue is due to open in May.