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#LoveMK Day proves MK is 'trendy'

Date Posted:29/04/2016

LoveMK Tom DaleyThanks to the unprecedented support of the local community and from across the UK, yesterday’s #LoveMK Day saw its biggest success ever!

A raft of celebrities joined in with the day celebrating all things MK over on Twitter including diving star Tom Daley, badminton players Gail Emms and Chris & Gabby Adcock, GBBO winner Nadiya Hussain, long jumper Greg Rutherford and local F1 team Red Bull Racing.

But the support of the local Milton Keynes community through businesses, schools and individuals really saw the day take off...the hashtag was trending in the UK by 7am and then continued to trend for most of the day. At one point #LoveMK was reaching was over 350,000 people per hour. And as an added bonus ‘Milton Keynes’ also trended during the day.

Carys Underwood, from organiser Destination Milton Keynes, commented afterwards, “This #LoveMK Day was officially the best ever, to be trending for so long and hitting number two in the UK at one point is beyond amazing. It helps to get MK recognised more widely, but more than that, it harnesses the pride that local people have in their city. Thanks so much to everyone who got involved.”

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Photo: Tom Daley with MKCCM's Melanie Beck