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MK Blogger tells us 49 reasons why we #LoveMK

Date Posted:27/04/2016

LoveMK MK Kids BlogOn the very eve of this year's #LoveMK Day we have been sent an amazing article by local blogger 'Milton Keynes Kids'.

It shows us a massive 49 reasons why people love Milton Keynes. There's everything from the parks and green spaces, through to the shopping and the history, even the lady who works behind the fish counter in Asda!

Laura, who blogs regularly as 'Milton Keynes Kids' started a Facebook page about all things MK in 2015 and it has some fantastic ideas and insights into what to do within the city, especially if you've got young children.

Here's how the blog the link below to read the whole blog and discover loads to LOVE about MK!!!

"HUGE BLOG POST!!! I haven’t always loved Milton Keynes. In fact, up until 2005 I knew very little about it. So what happened between now and then? Well… A man. A man and two children. I moved here from Nottingham to be with my hubs as he did a job which he could only do in MK. And I did a job which I could do elsewhere. My first impression? Like many visitors it was the roundabouts. I like numbers (I don’t know why) so I used to count how many there were to his house in Tattenhoe (I think it was 14). Then when I relocated here I discovered not only did I love the grid system and take great joy in describing how to get somewhere, ‘it’s between the H3 and H4 on the V6’ (that’s Linford Wood car park by the way) but there was lots here to enjoy too. Then when we had children… BOOM! That’s when it all really started, the search for fun (ideally cheap) places to take them both in MK and the surrounding counties..."