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MK announces 50th Birthday 'Magna Karta' design

Date Posted:27/01/2016

MK Magna KartaA new ‘charter’ for Milton Keynes captivating a birds-eye view of the borough in all its glory is currently on display in the Milton Keynes Central Library, as part of the build-up to MK’s 50th birthday next year.

The panoramic design is the brainchild of of local designer and photographer Mike Spike, who won the competition to re-design and update the original 1967 designation order that created Milton Keynes.  He has turned it into one that celebrates the achievements over the last 49 years and artistically represents what Milton Keynes is all about in the 21st Century.

Mike explained: “The core idea was to reflect the fifty year journey of Milton Keynes from its inception to the present day … showing the World of Milton Keynes.”

The council came up with the quirky project idea to tie in with the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta last year and re-invent arguably its most important document or ‘charter’ in time for 2017. Local design companies were invited to create a modern version that celebrated Milton Keynes now and looked towards what tomorrow’s MK might be.

The new charter, dubbed the ‘Magna Karta’ will be used extensively in the activity programme for the 50th anniversary which MK Council  is currently drawing together with partners, based around:

  • Valuing the Past – a look at what Milton Keynes has become over the past five decades, kicking off on the 50th anniversary date 23 January 2017.
  • Celebrating the Present – 50 days of celebration from 23 June – 13 August 2017, with festivals, events, and fun activities for all.
  • Looking to Tomorrow’s MK – from 23rd October, a series of cultural performances and events including a focus on talks and conferences, expected to have international appeal, looking at the future and using MK as a case study.

The three themes for the year-long celebrations will include ‘City at Play’, ‘Green MK’ and ‘New Town, Tomorrow’s City’ as part of a programme interwoven with cultural, community and civic events by organisations and individuals

Milton Keynes Mayor, Cllr Keith McLean said: “This is an original, very fresh piece of artwork which certainly sums up how we see ourselves in Milton Keynes.

“It – quite literally – gives the global view of our city, which is well-known around the world.”

The exhibition running until 20th March, is in the Discover Milton Keynes Showcase area of the Central Library and has been created by Living Archive and supported by the MK Heritage Association who manage the exhibitions space for the Council.