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MK welcomes the UK's most advanced multi-player driving simulator

Date Posted:15/12/2015

Blueprint Racing SimulatorTwo young Milton Keynes entrepreneurs have launched the most advanced multiplayer racing simulator experience in the UK, called BluePrint Simulator Racing.

Phil Stanley and Ollie Fox, owners of the award-winning Formula Fast Indoor Karting track in Bletchley, are aiming to create the most realistic linked driving simulator system in Britain, launching this week at their Milton Keynes venue.

Featuring five driving simulators in total, each pod immerses the driver in a wraparound driving experience created by three 40-inch high-definition screens. BluePrint Racing combines racing car steering, pedal and gear controls with rFactor2 software, allowing the driver to select from almost every racing circuit in the world and choose from a huge range of cars. Each pod is packed with features, and the owners are keen to distinguish the difference between racing simulators and an arcade game.

Phil says: “We’ve invested heavily in some first class hardware, so the strong steering feedback, pedal controls, gears and car physics are the closest you will get to reality. Naturally, this makes it as tough as driving the actual car at Silverstone or the Nürburgring. Give it too much power, and you’ll need to be quick to correct the slide or you’ll be off the track. You’ll feel every bump, dip and sensation through the controls and seat – it really is like driving the real thing.”

BluePrint Racing is targeting customers looking for a taste of driving a real racing car and groups of friends looking to race each other for fun, but also professional drivers wanting to improve their performance. “We have already had enquiries from racing teams to use the simulators for their up-and-coming drivers to help improve their performance and learn new circuits,” says Ollie. “We use actual racing telemetry software to enable drivers to analyse their performance in minute detail, helping them to reduce lap times without the expense of organising an actual test day.”

BluePrint Racing is set within a dedicated, blacked out room, with each driver given their own headset for a fully immersive experience and to communicate with other drivers. This also allows the instructor to talk to each driver, give advice and relay information about their performance.

The Fantatec hardware of BluePrint Racing is what makes it stand out above other simulators. The steering wheel can be found in an actual BMW M3 GT2 car, and is attached to a powerful, belt-driven servo which transmits track and car vibration down through the wheel. The pedals are fitted with a built in ‘rumble’ to simulate ABS and wheel spin, with dampeners fitted to the brake pedal to further enhance realism. There is also the option of choosing from sequential, paddle shift or full H-pattern gear changes. “There is no other centre in the UK that combines this level of hardware in five linked pods. It is very easy to forget you’re in a simulator.” Phil adds.

The software gives detailed driver information throughout the drive and extensive analysis after, including acceleration and braking points (plus length and aggression), tyre temperature and wear, steering input and a multitude of car data. Touchscreen pads act as a dashboard and live data feed, without taking up any space on the screen.

BluePrint Simulator Racing costs from £12 per person and can be booked for group or individual sessions. Catering can be provided for party bookings.

For more information, visit or call the team on 01908 904777.