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Midsummer Place's wrapping station raises £8,000

Date Posted:16/01/2014

The Midsummer Place and Advantage Africa gift wrapping service has, for the fifth year running, raised a record-breaking amount of money, boasting a grand total of £8,000. The annual gift wrapping service relies on the hard work of over 80 trained volunteers who wrapped more than 3,000 gifts between 7 December and Christmas Eve 2013.  

All money raised will help Advantage Africa and its local partners to start new projects to help those in need across Africa.  This includes; a health facility in Kalulini, Kenya, which will provide tests and treatment for life-threatening diseases such as malaria, as well as a school for children with disabilities in Ggaba, Uganda, which will provide 25 children with an education, many of them for the first time.  

Martin Hindson, General Manager said: “Every year Midsummer shoppers look forward to the gift wrapping service; not only does it offer an invaluable service for busy shoppers, it raises money for a very worthy cause.  We’re very pleased to be able to support Advantage Africa and are proud of the impressive amount of money that has been raised.”

Andrew Betts, Director at Advantage Africa commented: “This money is the beginning of many new projects that will save and change lives.  Every gift wrapped really does help change a life and will help put a smile on the faces of many vulnerable children.  We can’t thank our volunteers enough, running on pure devotion to the cause, they put in over 200 hours and all of their hard work will make a huge difference.”