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National Motorsport Week at Simply Race

Date Posted:29/06/2015

Simply RaceFrom Monday 29th June, Simply Race have released a huge number of exciting activities to get members of the public from different walks of life involved in motorsport. As we are sure you are all aware, this area has a very strong affiliation with both professional and amateur motorsport and we hope to help promote the sport to the local population.

Simulator racing is the perfect means with which to do this it is easy to access for all ages (minimum height 120cm), is safe, exciting but also reasonably priced compared to traditional forms of motorsport. Simply Race’s simulators feature software widely used in the professional motorsport field for track and event preparation. With 10 simulators linked simulators in the venue, drivers can directly race against other competitors on the same track. Each simulator features 3 x 40” screens, force-feedback steering and bass-shakers that give the driver the rumble of the engine and the track beneath them.

The activities offered vary on a day-by-day basis. Please refer to for what Simply Race is offering on each day.