centre:mk launches search to find the perfect ‘YOLO’ activities for leap year extra day

Date Posted:28/02/2020

Every 4 years we’re gifted an extra day on the calendar for leap year and to celebrate this year’s 29th February being a Saturday, shopping destination centre:mk has launched a search to find the perfect ‘YOLO’ (You only Live Once) activities guests can get behind in their centre, to maximise their free day.

Some suggestions from centre:mk include using the extra day to do things you’ve always wanted to do (but have never been brave enough to) such as:

Or would your YOLO day be better spent getting around to doing those things you always mean to do but somehow always end up at the bottom of the to-do list:

What’s more, from 23rd – 29th February new ‘bubble tea’ brand ‘Chatime’ will be offering free pearls – (the flavoured balls in the bubble tea), so if you’ve never tried this delicious type of Taiwanese tea before, then now’s definitely the time!

What have you always wanted to do but never got round to? Visit centre:mk’s Facebook page where you can join the conversation now.