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Aerial Extreme review

Aerial Extreme Milton KeynesIs there anything better for children than getting them out and exploring the great outdoors? They can expend a bit of that energy, learn new skills, breathe some fresh air and maybe, just maybe, get a full 10 hours sleep that night!

We were planning on doing just that when we tried out Aerial Extreme at Willen Lake. It’s a high ropes course set within a lovely treetop glade right next to the lake. When you arrive it all looks a bit daunting…various sizes of people from teenagers to adults are swinging above your heads trying to make their way around the course of planned obstacles about 16ft in the air, in fact, the first thing that crosses your mind is “I’m not sure I can do that!”

But when you look a little closer you realise that there are actually three different courses; a junior course and two adventure courses (one at 5 metres high and another above at
14 metres high) so you can attempt the course that best suits your level of bravery!

We had a very brave six year old in tow, so we were spared the adventure course and went for the junior course where children have to be 6 years + and over 1.1m tall. We signed all the relevant paperwork and went for our very short but very thorough safety briefing and then we were kitted up with harnesses and helmets. Adults are very welcome to try the junior course before possibly moving higher up, so this was a good tester to see just how brave we were all feeling.

It goes without saying, you are clipped on to a safety line at all times which does make you feel secure but still, as you take those first steps out on to the obstacles, which range from rope bridges to tyres and balance beams, you can’t help but look down and think “That’s pretty damn high!” even on the junior course. But this did not stop our six year old going first and nailing pretty much every obstacle put in front of him, we even had to ask him to slow down at one point, to let the unfit parents catch up.

It took about 30-40 minutes to go around the junior course, the adventure course does take longer and has four zip lines as well, but after that time we were all pretty tired having used muscles we didn’t know we had! But there was one more surprise in store, for a small extra charge (or included on the adventure
course) you can do the 13 metre powerfan jump…if you dare?

This entails climbing up a lot of stairs within the central wooden structure on site to the very top (where you do get a spectacular view across Willen Lake btw) and then an instructor clipping you on to another safety line and then after they shout 3, 2, 1…you jump off >>> 45ft above the ground!

He who dares wins, right? Well, we all did it…yes, even the six year old who treated it like a simple walk in the park, even doing a DAB in mid-air! For the adults, it took a bit more courage but what a thrill, a brief feeling of total freefall before the safety line kicks in and you gently descend to the ground. A real adrenalin rush!

The six year old wanted to attempt the adventure course straight after his huge jump, but you have to be over 1.4m to do that, so we will definitely be back…a great family day out, doing something exciting, challenging and yes, even a little bit scary, but that was half the fun of it :-)