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Creams Cafe Review

We all know that dessert restaurants seem to be the ‘in thing’ right now, you can’t move on most high streets without some kind of ice cream parlour screaming at you to come in and enjoy their huge array of flavours … but whilst most of us of a certain age can remember these type of old school establishments, the new breed of dessert restaurants offer seemingly so much more, so we went to try out the latest edition to Milton Keynes, Creams Café inside Xscape.

First up, in the interest of being up front and honest, we went at lunchtime and we hadn’t eaten breakfast in preparation, so please don’t judge us on the amount we had ??

Located at the bottom of the escalators inside the main mall area of Xscape – you can’t miss Creams Café – it’s bright, vibrant and screams fun! When you enter, the ice cream counter is in full view, giving you a chance to glance at the many flavours willing you to choose them. But we pushed on past and were shown to our booth-style table. It’s pretty spacious, with a mix of booths and tables – with the booths easily able to hold six people. The funky artwork and nods to Milton Keynes with the cows on the walls are great fun … we particularly liked the quote on one wall which said “Education is important. Dessert is importanter.” Agreed.

We were handed a huge foldout menu and the staff explained that once you’re ready to order, just head up to the counter with your table number, all pretty straightforward so far … but then we unfolded the menu! Oh. My. Word. You are confronted by a bewildering array of options; sundaes, crepes, waffles, gelato, cookie dough, sorbet, desserts, coffees, power shakes, freak shakes, the list just went on and on…

We honestly had to take a minute to compose ourselves and actually think, what did we fancy? My dining companion couldn’t help but go for a freakshake … an amazing looking concoction of blended gelato, sticky sauce and a wafer on top – all served in what looked like a jam jar with a handle. It was such an assault on the senses – I had to order one myself, going for the ‘Choctastic Nutty Freakshow’ which also came with two Ferrero Rocher on the side – I was in heaven already!

But that was only the ‘starter’ we hadn’t even got close to choosing our ‘mains’.  Eventually resisting the option to ‘Create My Own’ I went for the ‘Apple Crumbled’ waffle … a thick, freshly-made waffle, with crumbled apple pie on topped served with hot custard and dusted with cinnamon. Oh, what a joy. Honestly, I could have eaten two of them, it was so damn good. My companion decided to go for a crepe; a ‘Banana Burrito Wrap’ to be precise. A whole banana wrapped up with milk chocolate sauce in a hot, fresh crepe. Her excuse, well it was one of her five-a-day!

After these menu exploits, we honestly couldn’t have managed another mouthful but that didn’t stop us musing about what we’d have next time we came; the classic Creams’ Knickerbocker Glory sundae looked immense and the Red Velvet & Strawberry cookie dough with vanilla ice cream, is going to be a must try.

In short, the place is perfect for a sweet hit on any occasion, an after-school treat, a date night, a late night post cinema indulgence … what we can do is guarantee that if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely find something on the menu that takes your fancy! We cannot wait to go back and try out more
of their vast, extravagant menu.

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