Gravity Milton KeynesDoes Milton Keynes really need another trampoline park? That was the first thought that entered my head when we were asked to go along and try out the newest attraction inside Xscape Milton Keynes, Gravity Trampoline Park.  We have two already and there’s only so much bouncing you can do, right? Wrong.

As we headed inside and up to the first floor within Xscape to the Gravity entrance, the two 7-year olds that I taken with me had their eyes out on stalks … the front area is huge. A large welcoming reception desk is flanked either side by the café area and ‘Gravity Rocks’ - more about that later.

We signed the waiver form (all done on touch screen and just took a few minutes – but you can do this in advance online) and then grabbed our Gravity socks; they have special little grippy bits on them, these are £2.50 per pair – but you can re-use them if you come back again. We were having an ‘Open Jump’ session which basically does as it says, you can go and jump on and use everything. Which was just as well as the children were desperate to get going …

But, first up the safety briefing and warm up. I was really impressed by the video that we all had to watch, it clearly shows what you can and can’t do, i.e. use two feet to jump and no running across the trampolines. Then we did a little warm up routine; stretches and running on the spot – the kids liked this as they finally got to expend a bit of energy… and then we were let loose!

The first thing to say – it’s big – but not so ridiculously huge that you lose sight of the children, which I think is a good thing. The main trampoline area is plenty big enough to have a good bounce with flat and angled trampolines set up to have the maximum amount of fun. But it’s the other areas that we enjoyed the most. There is a dodgeball netted area where you can play against the clock trying to hit each other’s targets to score the most points, or just do like we did and throw balls at each other for the hell of it, with quite a few hitting my head! They have a massive airbag style crash mat which the kids loved doing tumbles on to from the angled trampolines.

Another draw is the speed test area and the moving climbing wall, both loads of fun for kids or adults. The rotating gauntlet game is probably for slightly older children but great fun as you try and jump over or duck under the rotating arm. The slam-dunk courts allow you to get extra height whilst practising your basketball skills.

But the highlight for our two children was undoubtedly the Gravity Rocks climbing wall area. It is a fantastic addition to the attraction. Roughly around 15 different climbing wall activities of various ability levels. Once you’ve got your harness on they use the innovative ‘Clip & Climb’ system which allows climbers to clip and un-clip themselves from the ropes meaning they can try out the different walls without having to call the instructors over each time they want to swap. This area was a big hit, with a chorus of “Can we come back again?” ringing in my ears when I eventually managed to drag them away!

I must confess we didn’t try out the café but did have two of the Unlimited Slushies from the Gravity Freeze Lab (£4.95 pp) and were pleased to see they contained no artificial flavours or additives; they even have ‘Unicorn’ flavour, which was our favourite.

Prices for a one hour Open Jump session start at £9.95 per person if you book online (walk ins are slightly more expensive). They also do a separate Gravity Rocks 50 min Urban Climb session which is £9.95 per person. Special sessions also run including Parent & Toddlers, they have fitness sessions and a ‘Gravity Glows’ night (last Friday of each month) with unlimited bouncing between 6-9pm for just £9.95pp.

So, in answer to my original question, on the basis of our visit, Gravity is a very welcome addition to the already very popular trampoline park scene in Milton Keynes. Having the additional amenities within Xscape literally outside the door is a big plus, you could make a day of it with the cinema and the restaurants. Will we be back? I have unsettled scores on that dodgeball court – so we definitely will be.

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