Revolucion de Cuba Milton KeynesSo, I have never been to Cuba! I’m guessing not a lot of people have? What do we think of when talking about Cuban food - spicy, hot, flavour, outside cooking, BBQ, grilling … rum? When we went to try out Revolución de Cuba in The Theatre District, all of these words came to mind, and yep, some we got right, but we got so much more as well!

As a venue the place is huge, as you enter through the double set of big wooden and glass doors the ceilings are quite low, but as you walk through to the main bar and dining area it opens up to a cavernous height, giving it a church-like feel. We sat next to the large windows and the sun was beating down, almost transporting us to Cuba, if it hadn’t been about -3°c outside.

We went at lunchtime, so unfortunately couldn’t partake in any of the cocktails on offer – and boy do they know how to offer cocktails. What a selection … The Toffee Apple and The Zombie particularly caught my eye (another reason to come back - in a taxi!).

On to the menu … it’s probably best described as a mix of Spanish, Mexican and Caribbean inspired dishes. We had tapas, paella, pinchos, burritos, hamburgers and, of course … spicy rum sauce on offer. Even though it was only lunch, we decide to try the tapas to start and then hit the main and desserts.

A good selection of tapas, some with a definitely Cuban twist; we went for the croquetas, Ropa Vieja Tacos (shredded lamb) and the Chicken Rumba skewers. All were delicious but the lamb tacos were simply divine – could have eaten at least four more!

On to the mains and a difficult choice;  I went for the marinated Halloumi baked in a Banana Leaf and my colleague went for the Paella de Cuba, with prawns, chicken and smoky chorizo. At this point we should say the portions are pretty big, I managed about half the Halloumi dish as the delicious accompanying salad of beans, mango, tomatoes, cucumber and more was huge. But all were incredibly delicious and very fresh.

Churros at Revolucion de CubaHaving said all of this, we still had room for dessert and although there’s not a huge choice of puddings, they have Churros, one of my favourite all time desserts. Now, it’s very easy to get these wrong, not cooked enough and they’re all doughy, cook them too much or leave them hanging around and they go dry and horrible. Here they are all cooked to order, on-site and doesn’t it show (see photo right). Just amazing, six of the funny shaped wonders, served with not only the traditional chocolate sauce, but also an even better caramel sauce to dip them. Talk about ending on a high!

They also run various ongoing promotions such as 3 for £13 on Tapas (Mon to Fri) and 2 for 1 on Sundays, or how about a Burrito & Mojito for £10 (Mon to Fri 12-6pm), during the week  they have happy hour salsas from 5pm until 9pm with 2-4-1 on cocktails (5-7pm on Saturdays) and Amstel is just £3! They also have regular salsa dancing nights and live music.

We loved our first Cuban eating experience and will definitely be back again. Revolución de Cuba is a very welcome addition to the Milton Keynes dining scene and is great for either a romantic meal or a big party celebration with
friends. We can’t wait to try those cocktails!