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Shrek The Musical Review

Shrek the Musical ReviewWhen you have such a well known and well liked story and character as Shrek, you wonder if a musical can ever really do it justice.  So when Shrek The Musical was announced for a three week summer run at Milton Keynes Theatre we were excited but also intrigued having never seen it before.

We’d heard other reviews from the West End where it originally starred Nigel Lindsay, Richard Blackwood, Nigel Harman and Amanda Holden and they were very good, but could the production hold it together on a UK Tour with not such a well-known cast.

As we settled into our seats for a Wednesday evening show, the public definitely seemed to be very keen as the auditorium was packed to the rafters.  From the off set the tone was set – a fart joke within the first five minutes – and the four and half year old we took with us was laughing his head off. The songs came thick and fast, all new material and they really do add to the story.

The acting was good but you almost new the words before they came of their mouths as you know the movie so well. The costumes, make up and puppetry is amazing; it’s a riot of colour and vibrance meaning you’re eager for the next part of the story to arrive.

But it is Lord Farquuad that steals the show, in the movie he is portrayed as a short, mean-spirited man and that is followed through into the musical but with hilariously camp results. We won’t spoil it for anyone with tickets but fair play to the actor because he had two adults crying with laughter, the gym session sequence was just genius.

The production ends with a party feel, the audience singing along to the only very well-known song taken straight from the movie, and you come out feeling good, knowing you’ve watched a spectacular show with a cast and crew at the very top of their game!

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