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Milton Keynes Redways

The Milton Keynes Redways are a network of over 270 km of safe paths (generally surfaced with red tarmac) that criss-cross the entire city of Milton Keynes used by cyclists and walkers. They allow you to ride away from the traffic and discover the hidden treasures Milton Keynes has to offer. They are ideal for children or novice cyclists to ride safely and build their confidence.

Free Redway maps are available from the Council Offices, The Parks Trust and many local cycle shops and hotels, or you can download your map below.

Rules for all Redway users:

  • The Redways are for use by pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and levels of experience, including people with prams, pushchairs and those in wheelchairs
  • All motor vehicles - including mopeds and motorcycles are prohibited by law from using Redways with the exception of authorised vehicles, e.g. emergency and maintenance vehicles. Drivers of such vehicles must drive with care and use flashing beacons when available and give way to other Redway users
  • When a Redway crosses a road, the road user has priority over the Redway user. Redway users must give way to road users
  • Users of Redways must be able to be seen at night. Cyclists should use lights and all users should carry or wear something light-coloured or reflective
  • Dogs should not foul the Redway and should be kept on a short lead to prevent entangling

Rules for Cyclists:

  • Cyclists should take due care when approaching pedestrians, persons with prams, pushchairs and wheelchair users. Cyclists should use a bell or other form of audible warning to indicate their approach
  • Cyclists should keep to the left as if cycling on a road
  • Cyclists should ride not more than two abreast and remember to slow down at bends, give way at junctions and ride so as not to endanger themselves or other Redway users
  • Please ensure that your cycle is well maintained

The Redways are for everyone to enjoy, so enjoy them responsibly and get cycling!

To download the Milton Keynes Redway Map - CLICK HERE