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Fishing Lakes in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has over 25 lakes with over 300 acres of water. Numerous day ticket venues available and a range of different species can be caught. Remember to fish legally in Milton Keynes you must obtain a Rod License (course and trout) from the Environment Agency. You’ll also need a license/ticket for the particular waters in which you are fishing - MKAA

Willen Lake - 3 Rods - Open all year
Two lakes totalling around 150 acres make this the largest fishery in the MK area. It is a specialist angler’s Mecca with double figure bream, tench over 8lb, pike topping 30lb and rudd, roach and perch all topping the 2lb mark.  The north lake also has plenty of carp reaching the mid 20lbs. The south lake has its fair share of
whoppers, but it also holds hordes of pleasure catch sized roach and skimmers too.  Both lakes are open all year, although keep nets may not be used during the traditional close season. Nearest Post Code - MK15 0SF

Furzton Lake - 3 Rods - Open all year
Mighty Furzton is another big water (70 acres) and probably MK’s most prolific with fish and stock levels to match.  With carp now at the 33 lbs mark, tench rapidly catching those at Willen Lake and shoals of bream and roach.  Nets of roach reaching 40lb plus have been known while bream catches of over 60lb are possible especially early in the season. Furzton holds a good head of carp to 32lb, with multiple catches over 200lb caught virtually every season.  Furzton is now open all year.
Nearest Post Code - MK4 1ND

Caldecotte Lake - North 3 Rods/South 2 Rods
At over 70 acres this venue has received tons of stock over the years, and now holds some first-class fish which, when hooked, can be real tackle testers. Roach to over 3lb, pike over 30lb, big perch, double figure bream, chunky hybrids over 5lb that fight like tench are all part of this lake.  Average depth of the fishing areas is around 12 feet and the best results often come from fishing tight to the bottom of the bank when a good wind has been blowing across the lake for a couple of days. This is a maturing venue for the specialist and match angler alike. Caldecotte Lake North is open all year. Caldecotte South is subject to the statutory closed season. Nearest Post Code - MK7 8HP

Lodge Lake - 2 Rods - Closed in traditional closed season
Approximately 8 acres, this intimate water benefits from a close season rest. Whether your taste is for carp into the mid 20's of for double figure bags of roach, bits and skimmers, 10 acre Lodge Lake is a firm favourite with many.  Fishing from more than 40 permanent pegs only, depths vary from 2 to 18 feet and most baits works at sometime of the year.  Don't ignore the little pond where the brook comes in under the H5. It is up to 10 feet deep, holds stacks of fish.  No night fishing from the six paddock swims opposite the bungalows. Nearest Post Code - MK8 9LG

Teardrop Lakes - 2 Rods - Open All Year
Fishing from the permanent pegs only on Tear Drops.  Do not fish number 3 lake as it is out of bounds.  In the past they have produced two perch to 4-10-8 plus good roach, bream and hoards of gudgeon.   Carp washed down from Furzton are growing fast and 15lb is not un-common.   Programmed stocking is bearing fruit with tench to over 6lb showing.  Reasonable size chub are known to haunt these waters too.
Nearest Post Code - MK6 1AZ

Bradwell Lake - 3 Rods Lake/2 Rods River and Canal
Lake open all year - River closed in traditional closed season - Canal open all year
Bradwell was purchased and developed with the help of a Sports Council Lottery Grant. Over the last few years MKAA has added around two tonnes of fish including roach, rudd, skimmers, tench, crucians and perch.  In total over £150,000 has been spent on the project which includes hard access roads, car parks and 18 pegs suitable for wheelchair users and concrete parking areas for four disabled badge holders.  At around 23 acres it provides 50 to 60 swims and parking for more than 40 cars.  Bradwell has already produced pike to 20lb, tench to 7lb and bream to double figures.  The river section has chub to well over 5lb. Nearest Post Code - MK13 0EZ

Dimmocks Pit - 2 Rods - Open all year
Dimmocks Pit was added to the MKAA Ticket in late 2004.  Since then it has been developed into a wonderful small fishery.  Adjacent to the gas depot in Newton Longville this fishery is proving very popular.  With tench, roach, rudd plus over 1,100 recently stocked small carp. Only use barbless hooks and only put small carp in keepnets. Keep the gate locked and co-operate with contractors who continue to improve the bank.  All vehicles to be left in the new car park. Nearest Post Code - MK3 5NJ

Wolverton Mill - 2 Rods - Closed in traditional closed season
Wolverton Mill is a pair of small lakes full of carp from a few ounces to low 20lbs.  These two lakes are probably the nearest MK has to a carp puddle. There is also a few goldfish and the odd koi plus whatever else has been 'stocked' over the years.  Average depth is around 4 feet and fishing is only allowed from the 10 permanent pegs.  Because these lakes are only fed by surface run-off NO KEEP-NETS are allowed in the interests of fish welfare. Nearest Post Code - MK12 5RB

Furzton Lake image courtesy of The Parks Trust