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Fishing Rivers in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes features 12 miles of rivers including the Ouzel, Tove and Great Ouse which is home to numerous British record-breaking Barbel including the current record holder of over 21lb. Remember to fish legally in Milton Keynes you must obtain a Rod License (course and trout) from the Environment Agency. You’ll also need a license/ticket for the particular waters in which you are fishing - MKAA

River Great Ouse

  • Adams Mill - Probably one of the most famous stretches of the Great Ouse. This fabled section has produced the past eight British barbel records – including a 21 pounder. No day tickets and no night fishing. Nearest postcode - MK16 8LT
  • Ravenstone Mill - Approx. 1,400 yards extending two fields upstream of the weir and three down. Fish up to the 16lb mark have been reported and it's a fair bet that even larger ones are yet to be caught. But it's far more than just a big whisker water.  There is good chub, certainly into the sixes, bream, monster pike and bristling perch. Downstream of the weir the river is fast and streamy (great for stalking) while the upstream length is deeper and slower and can yield big carp. Nearest Post Code - MK46 5AJ
  • Bradwell Lake complex including the new Butts section (over footbridge) - 800 yards of totally accessible bank offering chub to 6lb and some of the best roach fishing around.
  • Old Wolverton & Stony Stratford - Looping around the North of Stony Stratford and Wolverton, the Great Ouse is a good mixed fishery and on its day can be brilliant sport.  Chunky roach to the pound mark aren't uncommon and the muscular bream can touch 8lb.  Big tackle testing chub and silver flashing dace are more common in the faster stretches while pike and plump perch can be found throughout.  There's even the odd tench and the four hour match record is a mind blowing 78lb. Nearest Post Code - MK12 5NL

River Ouzel

The superb Ouzel is well blessed with fish and it also produces the odd barbel.  Over 5 miles of feature after feature holding chub to 5lb plus with quality roach and perch, recently there has been a re-emergence of some fine dace and the odd barbel to double figures.  Nearest Post Code - MK2 3NX

River Tove/Long Field

Approximately 800 yards of bank upstream of Castlethorpe road bridge. If you prefer to sit on a swim and bag up, this could provide you with some of the finest fishing on the Tove. MKAA members only. Nearest Post Code - MK19 7HF